Weddings at St. John's

Congratulations on your decision to get married.

We welcome couples who want to get married at St. John's and no, you do not have to be a member of the parish (though of course you'd be warmly welcomed).

The best way to learn more about weddings at St. John's is to request two brochures from us which will give you some details about weddings at St. John's.

The first brochure has some specific information about weddings at St. John's including costs, while the second brochure is a "sample ceremony" which will give you a feel for what a wedding ceremony at St. John's will entail.

In the meantime, I would be delighted to discuss the possibility of having your wedding ceremony here at St. John's.

Once you have had a moment to read through the brochures, please get in touch with me directly, and we will arrange a meeting together to discuss the details and look towards the possibility of picking a date.

Congratulations once again on your upcoming wedding, and thank you for your enquiry about getting married here at St. John's.

The Reverend Canon Joseph Asseliln


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Congratulations and blessings on your decision to marry!
St. John's welcomes requests for Christian marriage: membership is not a requirement.
Contact the parish office for a more detailed flyer on arranging weddings & costs.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
- arrangements for marriage are made through the Rector (priest) of St. John's.
- The Anglican Church normally needs 60 days notice to arrange for a wedding.
- Only one partner needs to be a baptized Christian - of any denomination.
- Re-marriage of divorced persons is possible.
- Couples seeking renewal of vows or the blessing of a civil marriage are welcome.
- a commitment to a process of marriage preparation is required, but we can help with that (see below).
- All weddings at St. John's are conducted by the clergy of St. John's or their designate.
- The sanctuary/church is not rented nor booked - it is made available for sacred service.
- The only role third parties such as "wedding planners" have at worship or rehearsal is as a guest.

Steps to Arranging a Wedding
- after reading the flyer, contact the office to arrange a meeting with the clergy.
- in most cases, two meetings plus marriage preparation suffice to arrange a wedding.
- the clergy will reserve the date and time of your wedding with you.
- the Director of Music will play for weddings and offers supportive advice on music suitable to the instrument, liturgy and occasion.
- couples obtain a marriage licence and deliver it to St. John's in advance of the wedding.

Marriage Preparation
Marriage preparation triples the chances of marriage success. As finding it can be difficult and expensive, St. John's provides an annual marriage prep session for couples. It is an interactive group course, not "classes". You will be provided with a “tool kit” that covers all the topics. Personal topics are discussed in private in couples. Workshop dates are set annually, and run from Friday evening until Saturday afternoon, usually in the late winter. A wine & cheese, breakfast, lunch and all materials are provided. A fee (usually only $50/couple) is asked to recover costs: volunteer hosts take care of everything.

- Photography is permitted as the bridal party enters and when they exit the sanctuary.
- By request, a photo session after the wedding can be arranged in the worship space following the liturgy: the clergy can be present and reenact, and accommodate professional photographers or guests in this manner.
- Couples are advised in advance that photography is not appropriate nor permitted during sacred worship.
- the grounds of the church are also available by request
- permission for those desiring to take wedding pictures on the grounds of St. John's - but whose weddings are not conducted at the parish - can be granted, but must be arranged in advance through the church office.

Finding the Church - for Rehearsals and Weddings

St. John's Anglican Church
272 Wilson Street East (at Halson)
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. L9G 2B9