Help with Prayer
Prayer is at the centre of life at St. John's and we are committed to daily prayer for peace, for the world, the community, the church's mission and for one another in the human family. St. John's is pleased to receive requests for prayer.

Daily Prayer
Resources for personal prayer, daily office and a schedule of scripture readings in keeping with days and seasons of the church year are developed seasonally and available on request.

A Place to Pray
Aside from regular worship, when the church is not being used for liturgy, access to the church and chapel are available - call or drop by the office during regular office hours.

Monastic Wisdom about Prayer:

Set time aside, every day, to spend with God. If time is tight, pray while you are doing some repetitive activity (exercising, gardening, cleaning, even riding the GO train.)

Prayer is portable, but returning to a particular place can help us focus. Choose a corner of a room, a window, a garden spot, where God can be remembered and met, every day.

Using an icon or candle can help focus your desire for God. Allow Scripture or poetry to direct your thoughts. When you get distracted, simply set the thought aside and turn back to God.

We are embodied creatures, and it is through the body that our prayer is made. Use a gesture, kneel down, hold a set of prayer beads, or simply focus on your breath.

Prayer is a relationship, our response to God's continuous invitation. Like any good relationship, prayer deepens with time. Be still. Be honest. Be real. Listen for God whose desire is for you.

Adapted from the monks of The Society of St. John the Evangelist,
Episcopal/Anglican Monks, Cambridge MA

St. John's Anglican Church
272 Wilson Street East (at Halson)
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. L9G 2B9

St. John's Parish Prayer
Gracious God, in Jesus you call humanity to reconcilation and wholeness.
You call us to love you, to love one another, and to walk humbly with you.
May our ministries at St. John's reflect your compassion and mercy,
your wisdom and justice, your generosity and welcome to all.
May all we say and do reflect your abundance and your grace. Amen.