St. John's Music

The Organ
The present organ was built in 1988 by Keates-Geissler. It contains 32 ranks of pipes, 1802 in total. It was designed to be an ideal instrument for accompanying music of the liturgy, providing lots of colour for accompanying hymns, psalms and anthems, as well as performing organ repertoire of a variety of styles.

The Bourdon stops in both the Swell and Pedal divisions are from the 1930 Woodstock organ. The Great Mixture IV and the Swell Scharf III had been added to that organ in 1968 by the Casavant Frères Company.

The Celeste stop has been rebuilt from an old Dulciana from a tracker organ which was installed at the front of the nave, on the right hand side, after the fire in the 1860's when the nave was destroyed. In the archives there is a photograph from that period which shows the small tracker organ very clearly.


3-Manual Console
Full Couplers
Pistons: 8 General, 5 each to Great Swell and Pedal
8 levels of memory
Nave and Chancel expression pedals, Crescendo pedal
Adjustable bench

Pommer 16, Principal 8, Gemshorn 8, Gedeckt 8, Octave 4, Spill Flöte 4,
Flach Flöte 2, Mixture IV 1 1/3, Cornet II 2 2/3 Trompette 8

Bourdon 8, Salicional 8, Celeste 8, Principal 4, Block Flöte 4, Italian Principal 2,
Quinte 1 1/3, Scharf III 1,
Contra Fagotto 16, Fagotto 8, Musette 8

Resultant 32, Bourdon 16, Pommer 16, Bourdon 8, Pommer 8,
Octave Bass 8, Choral Bass 4, Rausch Quinte II 2 2/3, Posaune 16,
Fagotto 16, Trompette 8, Hautbois 4.


St. John's Anglican Church
272 Wilson Street East (at Halson)
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. L9G 2B9