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The seasons of the church year are set out to represent the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We are careful at St. John's to prepare well for the important festivals, including observing a holy Lent, and preparing well for the most important feast of the year: Easter Sunday. Details are here: for the dates, see the calendar.

Palm Sunday, 8am & 10am
Palms are a symbol reminding us that Christ enters into Jerusalem to shouts of "Hosanna". We remember this with the symbol of palm branches, folded into crosses: how quickly the "hosannas" were replaced by cries of "Crucify Him!"

Maundy Thursday, 10am
Holy Eucharist

Maundy Thursday, 7:30pm
First Eucharist, Washing of Feet, Stripping of the Altar, Prayer Vigil

"Maundy" is about the "Mandate" of Christ that we love one another. This liturgy offers three ways to live that. The Last Supper is the gift of the first Eucharist, our central sacrament of community. In the washing of feet, Jesus models service as our way of life. The stripping of the altar is a stark reminder of Christ's faithfulness even to death.

Good Friday, 10am Meditation on the Cross of Christ
"Into your hands I commend my Spirit." Christ's dying words on the cross were a powerful statement of trust. Good Friday is indeed good, because it is about victory and hope; the affirmation that Christ could overcome the worst the world could offer. And so will we, as we allow the fullness of Christ's gift to take hold of our hearts.

Easter Sunday, 8am & 10am
Easter morning's liturgies crown our week-long solemn celebrations. Easter is not a memorial of some historic event, but acknowledges Christ's resurrection as a life-giving, present and defining reality in life. Easter empowers each of us to reclaim our identity anew, and to know Christ's story as our story!

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