St. John's Archives
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Caring for Our Unfolding Story
When the new structure of the Parish Hall was completed, space was made available for a new Archives Room. As the Parish had its beginnings in 1816, nearly 200 years ago, there are many records of past leaders (both lay and ordained) - newspaper articles, bulletins, photos and records of Births, Marriages and Burials. These had been stored for years in various houses, closets, basements and offices. We are now beginning the process of listing the holdings, create a catalogue of names, events and dates from an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 items contained in 12 filing drawers and two storage cabinets. Curios such as a century old piece of wedding cake, a front door key from 1870, and a piece of wood from the old foundation of 1868 also form part of the collection.. There is a three-year set of parish magazines from the 1880's and more from the 1940's. Church bulletins date from the 1940's to the present, and various 'histories' from 1880, 1923 and 1966 are included.

The work of providing furnishings for the Archives Room has been done by volunteers, who also work at the tasks of identification, cataloguing, etc. People interested in visiting are invited to call the Parish Office and arrange to meet the Curator or another member of the Archives Committee. We will be glad to greet you, show you around and give you a cup of tea while sharing stories of St. John's and Ancaster.

A Brief History of St. John's

St. John's Anglican Church
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