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Christianity proclaims hope and reconciliation with God in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The church - the community of baptized - was born on Pentecost with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Anglicanism is a branch of the larger church, baptizes in the name of the Holy Trinity, and proclaims hope in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Anglican churches are part of a communion of millions that stretches around the world. Arranged in a gathering of wholly independent Dioceses, we are led by Bishops and governed by Synods. We are not congregational, but hold a common idendity formed by the worship and liturgies we share. The clergy are ordained into the ancient, scriptural orders of Deacon, Priest and Bishop.

Anglicans are a reformed, small "c" catholic communion (catholic meaning "universal") proclaiming a belief in the "one, holy, catholic and apostolic" church. We are a liturgical church, meaning that if you want to know how we believe and how our spiritual formation is shaped, it is all in our worship and the way we celebrate the incarnate Word (Jesus Christ) in scripture and sacrament, flowing into our fellowship, mission and service.

While Anglicanism has its roots in England 500 years ago, today it is global and culturally diverse. That variety is a great gift. Anglicanism is a dynamic, living tradition that is called to listen for ways to be faithful through a balance of scripture (the library of books and letters of the early church), tradition (the ongoing experience of faithful people in the centuries since), and reason (the good minds that God created in God's image, in each of us today).

Anglicans are at their best when they remember to embrace and include that large spectrum of ways to believe, with the common bond of living out our Baptismal vows, and taking our place in the continuing story of God’s reconciliation and wholeness in Christ today.

The links page on this website can point you to places to read more about what Anglicans believe. However, no document will adequately describe Anglicanism: the best way is to bring your heart and your mind, and to experience the worship, fellowship and service to the community we offer. How might your life be enriched, or how may you enrich the life others, by living your faith connected to community?

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