About St. John's Anglican Church, Ancaster
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You are welcome in the worship, work, fellowship and mission of St. John's.

Who We Are
St. John's is a parish of The Anglican Church of Canada in The Anglican Diocese of Niagara.
This website gives an overview of our community's life, but the best way to learn about St. John's is to worship and work with us over a period of time!

What We Are Called To
We are a Christian community, welcomed into the Body of Christ in baptism, in the name of the Holy Trinity. We seek to live out our baptismal vows with integrity as we build a community of hope, compassion and service in Christ's name. In grateful response to God's gift of life in Jesus Christ, we are a "Eucharistic" people... more

Seeking a Life of Faith
Whatever your gifts, you have a vocation to serve others and find freedom there. You’ll find people in our community... more

St. John's Parish Prayer
This prayer is said at every liturgy we celebrate.
Wherever you are, your prayers for the ministry of the people of St. John's would be appreciated.

Gracious God, in Jesus you call humanity to reconcilation and wholeness.
You call us to love you, to love one another, and to walk humbly with you.
May our ministries at St. John's reflect your compassion and mercy,
your wisdom and justice, your generosity and welcome to all.
May all we say and do reflect your abundance and your grace.

Scent Free Just Makes Sense!
Please keep our members, guests and kids safe!
Many folks are more than just "allergic" to scent... it puts their health in danger!
We ask our members and guests to PLEASE keep St. John's safe for everyone by keeping it scent free! Give perfume, cologne, scented body wash and creams a pass in our buildings, especially in worship. Thanks!

Peanut Safe
With members and kids who have anaphylaxic (turn blue and stop breathing) reactions to peanuts, we ask that everyone leave home anything that's been in contact with nuts/peanuts/nut oils. THANK YOU.

About St. John's
Our Diocesan Vision

St. John's Anglican Church
272 Wilson Street East (at Halson)
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. L9G 2B9